New Project

Hey guys!

I just had to create a quick post to show you a sweet find I scored at the thrift store! 

In our new home we have a good size front room that connects with the kitchen.  The front room isn't large enough for an entire living room but would be PERFECT for a small "sitting room".  Right now the front room is a catch all for the furniture that doesn't have a place and for boxes of decorations that have yet to be unpacked.  But I envision it having two accent chairs with a small side table (or my craft dresser) in the middle and maybe a coffee table.  Regardless of how it ends up, I know it will be a great spot for reading, studying the Bible, enjoying morning coffee, or chatting with friends without the distraction of a T.V. in the room.

Back to the point!  I've been looking for some accent chairs to recover.  And yesterday I found one! Here it is! Sorry for the low quality phone pic. I have a nice camera; I really should use it huh?

I love the lines and shape of this chair!  And best of all it is sturdy, doens't stink, and only cost me...........9 bucks!  I'm excited to find some material in a pattern I like and get to work. I'll be sure to post pictures when it is complete!

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