DIY Christmas Decor

Hello friends.

I just wanted to share with you some of my photos from Christmas this year!  It was our first Christmas in the new house and I had so much more space to decorate!

Here is our front room! 

Not much Christmas DIY here but you can see my reupholsteed chair and my antique craft dresser to the left. Read about the chair here and here. My craft dresser recently got a facelift with the help of some Restor-A-Finish.  If you have never tried this stuff, you need to!  It's matches just about any color wood and is so easy to use; just rub it on and leave for 30 min then wipe off the excess oil. I LOVE using it for those pieces of furniture that are pretty in their original state and don't need to be repainted/redone completely but could still use a little TLC.

Moving on..
Cori wasn't too sure what to think about the tree and gifts she wasn't allowed to touch.

Now to the den/living room. 
I decided to hang our stockings a little differently this year since we no longer have a staircase and at the time didn't have a fireplace (I now have an electric fireplace. whoo hoo!)  This is just a basic tension rod hung by twine with greenery wrapped around it. 

In the space above our cabinets in the kitchen, I decorated with lots of white and silver ornaments.  I attached candlesticks to plates with some Gorilla glue, filled hurricane glasses with small ornaments, and set the hurricane glasses upside down on top of the plates.

Back to the front room for a second....
I didn't want any non-matching ornaments on the tree so this is how I chose to display some of Seth and I's special ornaments from our childhood. 

Here is  a quick peek at the outside of our house. I forgot to take a close-up picture of the front door wreath I made. Oops. It was mostly just a picture frame, left over greenery, and hot glue; you get the idea.  
...and finally, the Christmas chair by our front door. 
The "presents" are boxes filled with bricks so that the chair wouldn't get knocked over or blown away :)  I found the ice skates at a local thrift store for 7 bucks!

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of our house at Christmas!

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