Roadside Hoosier Cabinet

 I'm so excited to finally get a chance to sit down and blog again.  I had a huge project going on at work for about a month that was literally consuming my life; every day and every night I was working on this monster!
See?  HUGE!!

But, now it's finally completed and I've had time finish up a few projects and blog about them. 

Like every good project this one has a story.  I went out to lunch with a some ladies from work a few months ago. On the way one of the girls points out the window at a piece of furniture that had been dumped on the side of the road and says "what is that?" I immediately responded "It's a Hoosier cabinet!".  My friend, April, immediately said "Catrina, you could do something with that" which immediately sent my mind reeling with thoughts of what this abandoned piece of furniture had the potential to become. 

As we drove back after lunch I took a second glance at the cabinet.  It looked pretty rough and like it should probably stay right where it was, on the side of the road. But, my car was in the shop that week and I just happened to be driving my dad's truck.  It just seemed like fate; I had to go get a better look.

After we returned from lunch I hopped in the truck and went back to the intersection where the cabinet was.  It was super dirty and there were critters and cob webs all sorts of nasty stuff on it! Ick! But, it was all there and not broken!!!  There were a few drawers and doors missing but I knew that wouldn't be a big deal so I loaded it up and took it home :)

When I got it home, I took a bucket of soapy water and cleaned it up as best I could.

I know it doesn't look much better, but trust me- IT IS!  I have proof.

Even after scrubbing with soap and water I wasn't super satisfied with the cleanliness so I took some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to it. 
From here, I'll just let the pictures do the talking :)  I've learned to quit appolgizing for my phone pics (but I am sorry).  It's just takes A LOT of will power to stop crafting and bust out the "real" camera to take pictures- will power that I just don't have when I'm "in the zone".   
I forgot to take pictures of the sanding process but I just did a light sanding on the cabinet and all of the drawers and door to get some of the old, chipping paint off.
I used the following spray paint: Krylon Dual in White, regular Kyrlon in Blue Ocean Breeze, and Krylon Chalkboard paint.  The "vintage" glass pulls were purchased from Hobby Lobby.

 I think sometimes Seth thinks I'm crazy when I bring home weird projects but, he's always willing to help.  Isn't he handsome? ;)

 I LOVE having a place to store all of my "pretties", my vintage Pyrex, my Crate&Barrel coffee cups, and all of my cook books. I still need to ask Seth to build me a shelf to go in between where the two missing drawers are (on the bottom right) and after that I will put some baskets in those spaces. 

It's amazing what a good cleaning, some paint, and new hardware can do for a piece of furniture.

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  1. Looks fantastic! I love the color on the inside. Great job Catrina!