Swag Chandelier (Hardwired Chandelier to Plug-in Chandelier)

Well here we go.  I'm going to start off my first project post with one of my favorite projects I have done lately.
My husband and I live in a townhouse with very little overhead lighting so I am always looking for a way to brighten up our home.  Today, I will show you how I turned an old antique chandelier into a swag chandelier, AKA a chandelier that can be plugged-in instead of hardwired.  Swag chandeliers are great for rentals, dorm rooms, or anywhere you are not allowed to make permanent changes to your space.

I found two of these chandeliers at a going-out-of-business antique shop for $2 each!  What a steal!

First off you will need a basic extension cord.  If your chandelier is truly an antique it should have two identical copper wires.  You will need a two-prong extension cord (which also has two wires) with no ground wire.
I took the top off of this chandelier so I could turn it into a hanging chandelier instead of one that was flush with the ceiling. 

 Then, I cut the female end off of the extension cord.
and used a wire stripper to expose the copper wiring in the extension cord. 
 and did the same to the chandelier

Next, I twisted the exposed wires together and wrapped each wire separately with electrical tape until the wire was completely covered.

 I then painted the entire chandelier.  I primed it first to make sure the paint would stay then used Rusoleum so the chandelier would have a shiny finish.
 Then I attached the chain to the chandelier and fed the cord through the chain.

 Painted the wire, chain, and electrical tape white to match the chandelier.  I then screwed in lightbulbs, hung the chandelier, plugged it in, and tada!!

We now have one of these hanging in our living room as well as our bedroom :)  Hope you like it and that this post was helpful!

UPDATE:  Here is my chandelier's new home in our new house. In the laundry room.

**Please note.  I know nothing about electrical work except for what I have researched.  You may want to consult your electrician before attempting this project yourself**

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