Pottery Barn-esque Bird Cage Candle Holder

I can't see to find the cable that goes with my camera to let me upload pictures but I'll try and make do with the phone pictures that I do have. Sorry for the poor quality.
Pottery Barn-esque Bird Cage Candle Holder
If you've been to Pottery Barn lately you know that Bird Cage decor is in. I was able to find this little pretty at our Kansas City DAV for just $1

I thought that this would fit perfectly over a short pillar candle I already had at home but wanted some sort of a base for the candle to sit on as well. I found a cheap, white saucer at the DAV for just $. 49.

 At home, I simply gave the bird cage a coat of primer followed by a coat of white spray paint. Once that dried, I placed my pillar candle on underside of the saucer and glued the up-side-down saucer to the base of the bird cage. And here you have the finished project (it shows the saucer right side up but I changed it before gluing)
Hope you enjoy it! I'll be posting more projects soon :)

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  1. DAV is the best!! this is really cute - i think it might be a good way to keep little Kaya fingers out of the flame too? or Cory for that matter! ha - good job, Catrina! :)